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Chapter 1: Overview of Scientific Research Day 1-2
Chapter 2: Policies, Guidelines, & Regulations in Animal Research Day 3-5
Chapter 3: Ethics in Animal Research Day 6-8
Chapter 4: Administrative Responsibilities Day 9-11
Chapter 5: Laboratory Animal Facility Design & Environmental Management Day 12-15
Chapter 6: The Aquatic Environment Day 16-19
Chapter 7: Anatomy and Physiology Day 20-23
Chapter 8: Genetics & Breeding Day 24-27
Chapter 9: Calculations & Conversions Day 28-31
Chapter 10: Common Technical Procedures Day 32-35
Chapter 11: Research Methodology Day 36-39
Chapter 12: Surgical Instruments & Materials Day 40-43
Chapter 13: Aseptic Technique, Surgical Support, & Anesthesia Day 44-47
Chapter 14: Diseases & Health Conditions Day 48-51
Chapter 15: Emergency Situations Day 52-55
Miscellaneous Day 56-60
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